Tattoo Removal

How Do Lasers Remove Tattoos?

Laser tattoo removal is the preferred method of removing tattoos. Q-Switched lasers have been developed specifically to remove tattoos. Our state of the art Q-Switched laser produces short pulses of intense light that target the tattoo pigment and shatters the tattoo ink reducing the risk to surrounding tissue. Once the pigment is shattered it is removed by the body’s immune/lymphatic system. Our laser removes both darker and lighter tattoos using different wave lengths.

Does It Hurt?

The laser can sting and has been described as a thin rubber band being snapped against the skin. It can also depend on the amount of ink in the area and the location. However, a topical numbing cream can be applied an hour before the treatment (we recommend EMLA, which you can purchase from most pharmacies).

What Can I Expect After The Treatment?

Immediately after treatment the area will be white which is called frosting due to the energy created by the shattering of the ink particles. This disappears within 2-4 hours through the body’s immune response and is replaced by swelling and redness which feels like sunburn. Sometimes there will be pin point bleeding and blisters can develop within 8-72 hours which may last for up to 10 days. An antibacterial ointment and dressing will be applied to the area. Following your treatment, itching is very common due to the dehydrating effect of the laser. We will provide detailed aftercare instructions for you.

How Many Treatments Do I Need?

The number of sessions depends on the amount and type of ink used, the age and range of colours used in the tattoo and this can vary from client to client. A six week minimum interval between treatments is required to allow pigment residue to be absorbed by the body. In many cases the tattoo will continue to fade up to two years after your last treatment. If you are considering tattoo removal it is important to keep the treated area protected from the sun for at least four weeks prior to treatment.

Tattoo Removal Therapist

Our experienced technicians are fully trained for tattoo removal with an additional IPL Laser Safety Certificate.

Tattoo Removal Pricing

Consultation / Includes patch test / $65
Small Tattoo / 5cm x 5cm or less / $75
Medium / 10cm x 10cm or less / $150
Large / 15cm x 15cm or less / $250
Extra Large / 20cm x 20cm or less / P.O.A.

These sizes and prices for Laser tattoo removal are a guideline only and may be subject to change in cases where there are larger concentrations of ink. Many factors determine the number of treatments required. This includes, skin type, colour, location, density of ink and scarring caused by tattoo application.
Generally 1-5 treatments are required to remove an amateur tattoo and 5-10 treatments for a professional tattoo.