Advanced Skincare Treatments

Healthy skin is in – and our talented therapist’s are here to guide you through the trending treatments that’ll get you glowing from the inside out. New Leaf Skin & Beauty is dedicated to achieving skintastic results that give you true confidence with your skin.
If you have specific skin imperfections or anti-ageing concerns you wish to address or just feel like a glow up. Thanks to New Leaf and the latest skincare innovations, you can achieve a complexion that’s balanced, radiant and hydrated.

Your skin is worth the investment!

Please call or message us if you’re unsure which treatment would offer the best improvement for your skin and budget.


Microneedling with Dermapen - $329

The revolutionary treatment for total skin rejuvenation

What does Dermapen Microneedling treat
Acne and acne scarring, fine lines and wrinkles, stretch marks & cellulite, pore size and pigmentation, alopecia, Keloid and surgical scarring. Under eye bags, stretch marks and skin lacking firmness and elasticity.

Recovery Time
6 to 24 hours of minor redness

Recommended Treatment Sessions
2 to 8 depending on your skin concern

Duration of Results

How does it work?
Also referred to as collagen induction therapy, microneedling is a very simple and effective way to treat a range of skin concerns

The treatment works by gliding a small device over the skin, which delivers microscopic punctures (only a few millimetres deep) using very tiny needles. The treatment stimulates the natural healing process in the skin, resulting in fresh, new collagen and elastin, and a rejuvenated more youthful complexion – amazing!

To enhance this process, active solutions containing collagen, vitamins, antioxidants and other beneficial ingredients are applied and penetrate the deeper layers of your skin through these tiny channels to maximise your skin results.

Take it to the next level with an Uber Peel
Optional Add on Uber Peel’s for skinsational results! Your therapist will select a specific corrective peel to diminish any imperfections in your skin and deliver a glowing transformation

New Leaf is a Dermapen Gold Authorised Treatment provider
Not all microneedling is created equal. Dermapen is the original most trusted microneedling brand and New Leaf operates the latest device, Dermapen 4™. You’re choosing superior results, you’re guaranteed to be in safe hands with a quality device, protocol skin infusion products and advanced safety standards – Find out more.

  • Microneedling Dermapen Deluxe – Face & Neck – 60 mins / $329
    For the optimum skin changing results New Leaf includes the upgrade of targeted active potent MG Collection serums into the skin with every Dermapen 4™ treatment.
  • Decolletage Add On – 15 mins / $50
  • Hands Add On – 15 mins / $30
  • Uber Peel Add On – 15 mins / $50
  • LED Add On – 15 mins / $40


Dermapen Example
Dermapen Example
Dermapen Example
Dermapen Example


You get the best results for ultimate skin rejuvenation when you do between 4 – 6 treatments


Deluxe GOLD Package
Course of 4 – $1316

  • 60-minute appointment
  • Complete Skin Consultant
  • DP Dermaceuticals GOLD Protocol
  • Dermapen4 Microneedling Device
  • Face & Neck
  • MG Serum Infusion
  • FREE Decolletage
  • FREE Oxygen Infusion Facial

Value $1651 save $335

Deluxe GOLD Package
Course of 6 – $1776

  • 60-minute appointment
  • Complete Skin Consultant
  • DP Dermaceuticals GOLD Protocol
  • Dermapen4 Microneedling Device
  • Face & Neck
  • MG Serum Infusion
  • FREE Decolletage
  • FREE Oxygen Infusion Facial

Value $2409 save $632

Uber Peel Enhancement Package
Add On 4 – $180
Add On 6 – $270

  • Take it to the next level, maximise your results by adding the Uber Peel to each service

Save up to $30

LED Enhancement Package
Add On 4 – $140
Add On 6 – $210

  • Supercharge your collegen production & promote faster healing with each microneedling treatment

    Save up to $30

    Ultraceuticals Performance Peel Facials - From $150

    Designed to deliver fast and effective results

    Whether your skin concerns are related to dryness, fine lines and wrinkles, loss of firmness, uneven texture, skin discolouration, visible pores, acne, or lack of radiance one of our Ultra Performance Treatments will help deliver your desired results. 

    Utilising high performance professional grade peels and brightening mask our Performance Treatments are personalised to address your unique skin concerns and goals: Hydrate + Firm, Mattify + Clear, Radiate + Glow

    Ultra Performance Peels

    Your therapist will carefully select a peel and customise your treatment to deliver the best results for overall rejuvenation and more youthful looking skin.

    Treatments can be repeated up to every 14 days and a treatment plan can be recommended to build up your skin barrier to be nourished with the benefits of higher grade peels.

    Ultra A-Zyme Peel Treatment

    The powerhouse of all Ultraceuticals treatments, dramatically rejuvenating the appearance of skin by diminishing the appearance of fine lines & wrinkles. Ultra A-Zyme® Peel combines potent Vitamin A (Retinol) and Bromelain to soften the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, even skin tone and plump the skin for a more youthful-looking and instantly glowing complexion. Bromelain, an enzyme derived from pineapple, helps brighten the skin’s surface by exfoliating the build-up of dead skin cells, while Retinol promotes a rejuvenated complexion by improving skin brightness, clarity and luminosity. 

    Results are instant & continue to develop. Optimal results are visible 2 weeks post-treatment.

    Ultra B2 Hydrate & Refresh Facial

    Designed to relax, refine and hydrate the skin.
    An indulgent face, neck and décolletage massage, partnered with a 3-phase infusion of vitamins and key actives using the powerful SonoBooster™ infusion technology to boost immediate and longer-term results. 

    SonoBooster™ technology utilises low-frequency ultrasound waves to create thousands of temporary invisible microchannels in the skin barrier, allowing ingredients to penetrate up to several hundred times more than usual. 

    SonoBooster™ optimises your results by enhancing the delivery of our active ingredients – your skin will look instantly rejuvenated and radiant.

    • Ultra Performance Peel Treatment – $150 / 45min
    • Ultra A-Zyme Peel Treatment – $185 / 60min
    • Ultra B2 Hydrate & Refresh Facial – $159 / 60min
    • Add On BAM Performance Plus Brightening Accelerator – $50 / 15min

    Hydradermabrasion - $135

    Hugely popular and one of our most nourishing skin treatments to instantly restore hydration and get you glowing. Hydradermabrasion gently exfoliates with liquid exfoliation whilst infusing advanced serums customised to your skin’s concerns.
    Suitable for even sensitive skin types, Hydradermabrasion deeply cleanses and exfoliates, clears congestion, calms redness, boosts cell turnover and ultimately gives you the instant feel of smoother, brighter, clear, hydrated skin.

    Finishing with a 24K Gold Luxury Jelly Mask with amazing skin rejuvenation properties to improve the visible signs of ageing, this whole treatment feels beautifully cooling and refreshing and leaves no signs of redness – it’s perfect for a last minute glow up to do before a special event!

    • Hydradermabrasion – 45 min / $135

    Diamond Microdermabrasion - From $99

    An extremely popular non-invasive treatment which yields instant results for a smoother, more radiant, even skin tone.

    This personal favourite is a great introduction to advanced skincare and a wonderful maintenance treatment to regularly buff and glow up your skin.

    Fine crystal dust along with a vacuum suction deeply exfoliates your skin, working to reduce congestions, stimulate new collagen production, reduce pigmentation and leave the skin soft, smooth and luminous. You will instantly see and feel the rejuvenating results.

    A course of 3 to 6 treatments is recommended for more effective results.

    Supercharge your results with an Ultra Peel to enhance and deepen the exfoliation for an instantly brighter, glowing complexion

    • Microdermabrasion – $99 / 30min
    • Buy 3 SAVE 10% – package price $267 = only $89 per Microdermabrasion treatment!
    • Microdermabrasion + Peel – $169 / 45min

    Oxygen Infusion Facial - From $135

    Designed to nourish your skin and promote collagen growth, this revolutionary treatment has dramatic, instant results for hydrated, glowing skin and it’s perfect for any skin type.
    Therapeutic grade Oxygen is infused into your skin under hyperbaric pressure along with Intraceuticals cosmaceutical grade serums.

    The serums are a crucial step which the therapist will tailor to your skin concerns:

    Rejuvenate – Hydrate, lift and tighten ideal for premature ageing.
    Opulence – Brighten and smooth to even out uneven pigmentation and age spots.
    Clarity – Clear, refine and calm for oily acne prone skin with enlarged or congested pores.
    Vitamin B+3 – Powerhouse B vitamin trio to deliver an intense replenishment to your skin.
    Atoxolene – Smooth, hold and soften fine lines and wrinkles (additional cost to this treatment).

    An Oxygen Facial is relaxing and cooling and calming on the skin – you instantly feel refreshed. The skin looks smooth, rejuvenated, radiant and fresh reducing the formation of fine lines, wrinkles and blemishes and there’s no question why the glamour world swears by this treatment.

    A course of 6 is recommended for effective results.

    Receive one treatment free with 6 treatments if paid in full.

    • Oxygen Infusion Facial – $135 / 45min
    • Buy 3 SAVE 10% – package price $365 = only $122 per Oxygen Infusion Facial!
    • Single Treatment When Added On To Facial – $65

    Non-Surgical Face Lift - From $130

    The non-invasive alternative to Botox to lift, tighten, hydrate and plump the skin with visible more youthful results from the very first treatment.

    It’s like taking your skin to train at the gym. Microcurrents re-educate the muscle fibres, increasing elasticity and hydration. This will help lift and tone facial and neck muscles, reduce fine lines and puffiness from around the eye, re-contour cheekbones and jawline, lift the brow and plump the face.

    Fusion settings also allow targeted treatment of common skin concerns such as: acne, dehydration, oedema and dark circles around the eyes.

    Non-Surgical Face Lift is an innovative and targeted way to roll back the years quickly, safely and with exceptional results.

    Your journey to restore a firmer, more youthful appearance is best achieved through 10 treatments

    • Non-Surgical Face Lift – $130  / 60min
    • Non-Surgical Face Lift with Oxygen Infusion – $185 / 75min
    • Non-Surgical Face Lift 10 Treatment Plan – POA

    IPL – Intense Pulsating Light – Skin Rejuvenation - From $59

    A brilliant, long-lasting treatment to improve sun damage, age spots and pigmentation. Photo Rejuvenation improves acne and overall redness; reduces fine broken capillaries and red veins; regenerates and improves overall skin tone, stimulates collagen production and reduces fine lines.

    IPL Skin Rejuvenation is a specialised treatment, so it’s crucial that you choose a trustworthy, reputable clinic. At New Leaf your treatment will be carried out by an experienced qualified operator who holds a Laser Safety Certificate.

    A patch test is required before commencing treatment.

    Several treatments are recommended for best results. Consultations last 30 minutes and cost $45 but are refundable on first treatment.


    Time Single Treatment Prepay 3 (Save 10%) Prepay 6 (Save 15%)
    Face – Full 60min $169 $152 $144
    Face – Small area, ie nose 30min $59 $53 $50
    Face – Small area x 2, ie nose and chin 30min $89 $80 $76
    Face – Large area, ie Cheeks or Forehead 30min $129 $116 $110
    Face and Neck 75min $199 $179 $169
    Face, Neck, Decolletage 90min $299 $269 $254
    Neck 30min $119 $107 $101
    Decolletage 45min $149 $134 $127
    Full Arm 60min $199 $179 $169
    Half Arm 45min $149 $134 $127
    Back of Hands 30min $79 $71 $67
    Spot Treatment 30min $59 $53 $50
    Shoulders 45min $199 $179 $169

    LED Light Therapy - $75

    The power of LED Light has ultimate relaxation and amazing skin results to reduce fine lines and wrinkles, acne-causing bacteria, redness, sun damage and pigmentation, as well as scar healing – the best beauty maintenance is achieved in the clinic.

    LED or light emitting diode therapy, is completely UV free and is a skincare treatment that uses varying wavelengths of light to recharge your cells. Your skin cells convert the light into energy to produce more collagen and elastin to give you fuller, plumper skin with healing and rejuvenation.
    Different colours work on specific benefits, red is primarily for anti-aging and inflammation, blue concentrates on inhibiting bacteria causing acne.

    There’s always something hugely soul soothing basking under light, especially now with the safe, super healing powers of LED.

    LED Light Therapy works as a treatment on its own or an ‘add on’ boost to any facial treatment.

    You’ll look brighter after just one treatment but a course of 10 will provide more longer lasting skin vibrancy.

    • LED Light Therapy $75  / 30mins
    • Buy 3 SAVE 10% – package price $203 = only $68 per LED Light session!
    • Buy 6 SAVE 15% – package price $383 = only $64 per LED Light session!
    • $40 When Added On To Facial

    Dermaplaning - From $99

    Dermaplaning is a simple and safe procedure for exfoliating the skin’s surface and removing fine vellus hairs (peach fuzz) off the face. The treatment is perfect for those who are a little self-conscious about facial hair on the cheeks and above the lips, as foundations and powders tend to cling to these hairs (making them more obvious) and facial waxing or tweezing can often be very painful. The result is extremely smooth skin, for makeup that goes on butter smooth with a glowing finish.

    There is no need to fear that the hair will grow back thicker, dermaplaning does not affect how your hair will regrow, vellus hair will grow back at the same rate and texture as before the treatment.

    Your skin will be smoother and brighter straight after one dermaplaning session. It’s the perfect treatment to do the day or two before a big event for flawless and glowing makeup application!

    Results should last 3-4 weeks.

    Supercharge your results with an Ultra Peel to enhance and deepen the exfoliation for an instantly brighter, glowing complexion. Then the finale of a Hydrating Sheet Mask to nourish and restore moisture retention – you’ll look positively radiant!

    • Dermaplaning – $99 / 45min
    • Dermaplaning + Peel & Hydrating Sheet Mask – $169 / 60min
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